How to write SOP for Hospitality Management?

How to write SOP for Hospitality Management?

If you are planning to study abroad then knowing how to write an SOP is a very important step. A statement of Purpose (SOP) is the most important document, showcasing your qualifications, academic & professional experience, achievements, interests, future goals, and influences. You will need to follow some useful tips to write a good SOP for hospitality management. SOPs are integral components of the application in addition to letters of recommendation (LORs), resumes, and transcripts. They may often influence the acceptance or rejection of candidates at universities. Here’s a closer look at the desired SOP format and a helpful sample.

SOP for Hospitality Management - Format and Pattern

  1. You should talk about the professional and academic qualities that will help you do well in the hospitality or hotel management area.

  1. Mention the leadership skills inside you and personal/ academic experiences to date. 

  1. Briefly describe your career objectives and purpose for choosing the desired course in hospitality management.

  1. If you have any gap years in your experience, you should explain the same with suitable reasoning and explanations.

  1. If your application was previously rejected by Canada or any other country, you should mention the approach you have taken to improve it.

You should be honest, remain confident, and transparent about the information you are providing. Your SOP should have negligible spelling and grammatical errors with completely free of plagiarism.

Sample SOP for Hospitality Management

Here are some samples of SOP for Hospitality Management. Use this as a reference, and write your very own unique SOP by yourself while taking only style inspiration from this sample.


Source: upGrad Abroad

I hail from a small town (name of the town) in (name of the State) in the (name of the region) part of Nepal where access to quality education is limited, so locals usually move out to Kathmandu to gain quality higher education. Like others, even I shifted to (your current place) and studied in (institution) while staying in the hostel. After completing my secondary education, I pursued graduation from the (institution’s name) with (percentage) marks, it was in college that inculcated my interest in hospitality.

Throughout my training and internship, I was able to gain more knowledge about hospitality functions and operations, including customer service, ala carte and buffet events, customer service, bar, kitchen and bakery and even catering services for various occasions. I was fortunate to participate in marketing campaigns and research for space selling and also event and theme party organization at hotels. I was also chosen for catering to several foreign delegates during my practical training, owing to my skills in hygiene and safety standards applications. 

I have recently taken up a (duration) higher training and diploma in leadership management in hospitality at (name of the hotel). I have also come across the brochure and other materials of your institution throughout my working tenure and came to know how you are a leading global institution offering management degrees in the field. This was tantamount to fulfilling my dreams and I could not believe how many tailor-made courses are readily available for professionals like me. 

My desire to obtain a degree in hospitality management is not restricted to possessing a good employment opportunity. I dream of opening an exclusive hotel chain globally which can offer home-like comfort at a reasonable price away from home. 

After I got to know about the degree in question, I checked for all eligibility criteria and then cleared IELTS with 7.0 bands and a minimum of 6.5 in every module. My academic record fulfills the criteria established for admission into the institutions and my parents are also willing to sponsor the costs of foreign education. I am excited about the idea of possessing a global degree to commence my international aspirations and dreams. 

I hope that I will be able to do justice to the requirements for obtaining admission into the (course name) which has led to management training interlinked with the course curriculum. I am attaching all relevant transcripts of academic records along with records of professional and training accomplishments, that make me eligible for securing admission into the institution.


Date: July 31, YYYY


The Visa Officer,

Canadian High Commission

New Delhi, India




Respected Sir/Madam,

I am ABCD, Daughter of Mr. EFG (father) and Mrs. HIJ (mother), a permanent resident of Dharan-17, Bichghopa, Nepal. I was born on YYYY Month Date and am the only child of my parents. On 6th December YYYY, I got married to Karan Rai. Talking about myself, I am a very dependable, organized, and goal-oriented person who is always eager to learn new things, and adapt to new habits. I have always dreamt of being a successful entrepreneur and I realized that I wanted to pursue my career in the hospitality industry. So, to achieve my career I decided to go for higher education (post graduate) in Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management from Fanshawe College.

Academic Background

As for my academic background, I completed my School Living Certificate in the year YYYY from XYZ School achieving XX%. In the year YYYY, I completed my Higher Secondary Education at ABC School achieving XY%. While studying in high school, I took business studies as my subject as I was always interested in starting my own business and dreamt of becoming a successful entrepreneur someday. But later I realized I wanted to become an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. So, to gain knowledge about the hospitality industry I joined the Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education (GATE) affiliated with the Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality and completed in the year YYYY achieving a XX GPA out of a total of X. This degree is equivalent to the degree of Bachelor of Hotel Management from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. One year of the industrial internship was mandatory, to sum up, my degree. For my internship, I  chose China as my destination to explore the vast culture of food and hospitality. I worked at a Marriott hotel located in Sanya, China from 23rd October 2017 to 16th October 2018. After completing my studies at GATE, I decided to pursue my post-graduate degree in Canada which required me to take PTE exams. After taking coaching classes for PTE exams I finally gave my exam on 19 March YYYY and I was able to secure an overall 62 (Listening=60, Reading=63, Speaking=61, Writing=59).

Work Experience and Gap

Due to the time required for PTE and Covid-19 situation, I lost almost 2 years. During these years I was able to learn and gain experience related to my study field. I have been involved as a manager in XYZ from the date of December YYYY until the present day. I didn’t want to waste my productive time even during this pandemic so I joined this organization to enhance my knowledge and experience and was able to learn new things and share my knowledge with my colleague. While working as a manager post in Organic I was able to learn what responsibility is. I was confident and did my best job handling VIP to a regular customer, organizing every Friday live event making it successful with the help of my colleague. From my internship in China, I was able to learn new things and was able to utilize my knowledge at Organic which made me more confident and my dedication to hospitality started to grow. We practiced working as Out Door Catering (ODC) employees, during my college at reputed Hotels such as Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Hyatt Regency, Hotel Yak and Yeti, Gokarna Forest Resort, and many more. During ODC we had to participate in different events such as international seminars and workshops or celebration ceremonies such as wedding receptions, marriage anniversaries, and so on, organized by hotels. 


During my research, there are only two colleges in Nepal providing master of hospitality management which are Kantipur International College (KIC) affiliated with Purbanchal University, and Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM) affiliated with Tribhuvan University. So I decided to get a graduate degree from an abroad college/university so that I can learn new things and get different opportunities that will help me in my future career. I choose Canada for my further study because it ranks as one of the best countries in the world and is the best country for quality of life. I took upon an internship in China where I got to experience and observe tourism and hospitality management. I came to the realization that hospitality offers a bright career and I felt the need for an opportunity to pour my skills and abilities. Canada is also recognized for its outstanding quality of education with unique Canadian culture that embraces diversity and it is also an adventurous country where we can experience climate, culture, and a way of life that is beyond anything. Additionally, Canada tops the list of safest countries which makes students' families less worried. Canada being one of the coldest countries will equip me with the skills and knowledge which are indispensable to establishing and managing hotels and restaurants in cold regions. As Nepali is a hub for mountaineers, it would provide me opportunities to pour my learnings.


I have applied to study Post Graduate in Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management at Fanshawe College, London, Ontario. I believe higher education with better understanding plays a vital role in your future goal. I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry which lead me to take the hospitality route. The hospitality and Tourism Operations Management course is designed to focus on the gathering, comprehension, and management of project requirements. The course is about 2 years with full-time academic status. Further, I am satisfied with the tuition fee, the construction of the syllabus, and the college. I am fascinated by the internship program which will provide me with ample opportunities to practice and upgrade my hospitality skills at Fanshawe College. Graduates will have developed business and management skills applicable to various hospitality sectors including accommodations, food and beverage, guest services, and tourism. Overall, this course will aid me in expanding my knowledge in the hospitality industry so that during my return to Nepal I can do something from my experience and education in my country.


After doing research on different colleges such as Lambton, Seneca, Conestoga, and so on I found they all offer similar courses to my requirement, but I found Fanshawe College was well structured and matched my interest in an academic course. Fanshawe College was established in 1967. It is one of Ontario's largest colleges with four campuses in London, Simcoe, St. Thomas, and Woodstock with additional locations in Southwestern Ontario. Fanshawe College is regionally ranked 103rd among Canadian Universities and 6256 among the top global universities. The employment rate of Fanshawe College is 90.3%. Fanshawe College provides the best facility for international students providing different events sports, libraries, computer rooms, food and beverage labs, and providing opportunities for every field and department. Because of its affordable fee and location, I choose Fanshawe College over other colleges and universities as well as its overwhelmed facility for international students.


Talking about my finances my (father-in-law), (brother-in-law) and husband are my sponsors for the time being while I stay in Canada. The total college one-year tuition fee which is approximately CAD$ 14329.64 has already been paid via bank transfer (ZYX Bank) from my own account.  My father-in-law's annual income is NRS 12,00,000, and my brother-in-law's annual income is NRS 18,00,000, further, my husband's annual income is NRS 6,00,000. In addition, we also earn an annual income of NRS 6,00,000 through the land lease.  Overall my annual income turns out to be NRS48,00,000 which is XXXX CAD including mine which is NRS 6,00,000 which shows that I will not have any financial crisis during my stay in Canada. Furthermore, my in-laws have deposited a total of NRS 50,00,000 in a saving account of XYZ Bank which will be useful for my living expenses and tuition fees during my stay in Canada. Moreover, I want to assure you that during my stay in Canada I will not have any financial issues.


The successful completion of Post Graduate in Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management will add crucial value to my experience and help me sharpen my communication skills and technical skills, and build my confidence which is an important asset for my future career. With all this well-established experience and knowledge, I will be able to understand the growing needs of the hospitality and tourism industry. I will then return back to my home country Nepal with a vision of working in reputed hotels, and later establishing my own restaurant in my hometown. The hospitality industry continues to grow rapidly and Nepal Tourism Board predicts that this industry will triple in size by 2025 which opens up pathways to pursue my long-term career in the hospitality sector. The international degree from Fanshawe College will help me to enhance my career goal and also brings offers endless employment opportunities in different positions in reputed five-star hotels like Crowne Plaza, Hyatt Regency, Hotel Yak, and Yeti, Dwarika’s Hotel many more. I would like to gain experience in any of these hotels so I can enhance more knowledge and experience so that I will be able to understand how the hotel industry operates and overcome challenges in this complex environment in Nepal. Gaining more experience from reputed hotels will help me in my vision of establishing my career. Nepal is a developing country and it is growing day by day with great outcomes. Tourism is the largest industry in Nepal and is a hotspot for mountaineers, rock climbers, and people seeking adventure. I believe Nepal is a very beautiful country and is a growing tourism sector with its beautiful nature and different cultural heritage. Furthermore, after gaining many years of enough experience and knowledge in my work field, I will focus on establishing my own restaurant with new content, and vision and providing job opportunities. My vision of opening my own restaurant is not the same as other restaurants through my experience in China and Canada I will develop my restaurant with new content. I will be providing the best service and facility not only to my customer but also to my job holders as well. My main vision will also be to open branches of restaurants in different cities in Nepal. My other motive is to donate some percentage of my earned profit to uneducated children who are not able to get proper education which will help them to achieve their future, making only a small step will be very helpful to many people who are in need.

Therefore, I believe the opportunity to study at Fanshawe College will open a new venture for me. I am very passionate and want to achieve my career to be a successful entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. I hope to receive a positive response from you soon.

Yours sincerely,



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