Sometimes we just have to let things go

Sometimes we just have to let things go

The more you attach yourself to things, situations, assumptions, people's expectations, the heavier you feel. really, feelings can be horrifying, they are hidden, unpredicted, unrevised and most of the time they are imaginary. we build them on our point of view of how we accept the world see us, we trust them based on how we figure the world should treat us and we consider them our definitive truth based on how we need the world to spin around us.

I appreciate that 'I' must be the most supreme person to me but I am me since all the emotions I have with me! these emotions can be pessimistic, wrong, or even so confusing. so, I must believe that these emotions are not me, it doesn't represent real me, it doesn't make me a week and doesn't make me who am I from time to time. we balance a little more than we should. this is who I am, take it or leave it is the uncomplicated path to take! sometimes we don't give up because I am better than you is the effortless confidence to wear. sometimes we still hold fast to them because"how could they can do this with me" is easier than a self-analysis.

All you need is to LET THINGS GO!

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