Optimize CSS for the faster websites

Optimize CSS for the faster websites

CSS optimization deals with minimizing your markup and CSS files for maximum speed, reduce maximum downloading time, and faster page rendering time.

Optimization Techniques:
1. White space removal
2. Cutting comments
3. Crunching color esteems
4. Installing code with SSI
5. Minimize HTML Request
6. Caching
7. Avoid Using @import
8. Limiting of character
9. Clear and Clean inline CSS

CSS gives you more adaptability than HTML or XHTML because you can make up your own names and gathering rules together to save space.

Have you ever paid attention in enhancing your CSS? Do you have a place with a class of front-end designers who transport sites without thinking about ideal execution?

Everybody wondering why the fastest website is more important. I will show you the benefits of having fast website.


1. Adds value to your SEO

2. Your website ranks higher in search engines

3. Individuals generally have a low attention span

4. Create a nice impression of your work.

5. Client would return for more if the website load faster.

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