Food is crush, love, life, and everything.

Food is crush, love, life, and everything.

To me, food is fun, food is love, food is flirty. I love eating and I love food, who doesn’t? food brings a sense of happiness, a sense of refreshment, or called a sense of all emotion.


Food always there for me no matter what. I can generally depend on food to perk me up or celebrate with me. For example, if I haven’t started studying for the final exam, it always ends with a double shot of expresso.

See, food always makes me feel better. It always motivates me to finish any work or project before taking a break to eat. Following a terrible day all, you need a tube of ice cream and pizza to cure everything.

Traveling, exploring a new place, a new country, and trying their food is so interesting and fun. Food connects in a cultural sense.


I am not only obsessed with eating; I enjoy cooking a lot, try to innovate new tricks and secrets from amazing beautiful grandma. The most important ingredient for any food is love. I realize many people consider food as an auxiliary of joy, not me! I believe being cheerful is getting your most loved food with your family.



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