Happy New Year: 8 best new year resolution ideas that you can adopt in 2021

Happy New Year: 8 best new year resolution ideas that you can adopt in 2021

Happy New Year Guys!


The year 2020 has finally ended, and a new year 2021 has started, couldn’t be happier than this. The coronavirus pandemic, lockdown, one thing after another kept coming in 2020. Our lives were greatly affected by the disease. Things are not going to go as smoothly as it was going before the pandemic, but it can be made better.


Your 2021 resolution might be quite different than 2020. You might want to focus your resolution on stress-free goals that are easy and good for you. Try the following steps to keep your mind, body, and health much healthier which results in making you feel better throughout the year.


1.     Eat healthy foods

I request you guys to eat healthy food but also try to eat more diverse foods. Try making easy and healthy recipes that you have never tried before. Eat a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy which helps you reduce your risk of heart disease and maintain a healthy weight or lose weight.


2.     Make a better budget

The biggest lesson the pandemic has taught us was about money. The consequences of once in a lifetime pandemic turned our finances upside down. 2021 is a good year to start living below your means and reduce your expenses. Take a good look and distinguish between the things you really need and what you can live without.  

Before you go to an office, calculate the budget that works for you and make a plan on how to stick to it. This is one of the best resolutions that will help you the most in the long term.


3.     Walk your steps

Build your own healthy routine. If you are working from home, take 20 minutes from your daily routine and run the stairs. Even if you have to head to your office, run for a while as it boosts your energy and increases your metabolism.


4.     Get more quality sleep

With smartphones, tablets, and all kinds of gadgets glowing light it can be very hard to get proper sleep. Set aside no more than eight hours of sleep. If you are an adult, the recommended amount of sleep is seven hours.

If you don’t fall asleep within about 20 minutes, do something relaxing. Listen to soothing music or read some novels. The goal is to make you feel tired. Go back to bed when you are tired. Repeat the steps as per your need.


5.     Create a cleaning habit

This year try to clean your home clean and organized. Rather than piling it for the weekend, every day choose an area and clean it up and also keep your workspace clean. Clean surroundings make you feel healthy and freshens-up your mood.

6.     Control your alcohol consumption

If you are an alcoholic person, try to avoid it on the daily basis this year. Controlling the alcohol consumption amount helps you improve your immunity system, lightens your mood, sleep and skin. It is completely safe and healthy to drink one or two servings of an alcoholic beverage as per your choice per day, not a lot of people can follow this rule effectively.


7.     Explore new hobbies

In today’s life, we easily forget to take some time for ourselves while committing to a 10 – 5 job.

Hobbies aren’t just about having fun and playing games, they range from cooking your favorite dish to reading your latest book. Having a hobby can have great benefits for your career, mind, body, and life.

Get out of your comfort zone and explore more hobbies in you this year such as tasting various foods, attend dance classes, art classes, gaming, graphic designing, or taking some programming classes.


8.     Quit smoking

Try to minimize your daily cigarette intake as it's extremely harmful to your health, especially your lungs.

Reduced smoking is a conscious change in the amount you smoke. It helps you to completely quit the smoking habit at a later date, even if the quit date doesn’t come for a long time.

Each week choose a few specific cigarettes to give up, for example, the ones you smoke in the cafe while having tea. Slowly change the time period between cigarettes. Also, limit your smoking zones to certain places (not in a home, not in college, not in the office).

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