How to write SOP for Business Analytics?

How to write SOP for Business Analytics?

If you are planning to study abroad then knowing how to write an SOP is a very important step. A statement of Purpose (SOP) is the most important document, showcasing your qualifications, academic & professional experience, achievements, interests, future goals, and influences. You will need to follow some useful tips to write a good SOP for business analytics. SOPs are integral components of the application in addition to letters of recommendation (LORs), resumes, and transcripts. They may often influence the acceptance or rejection of candidates at universities. Here’s a closer look at the desired SOP format and a helpful sample.

SOP for Business Analytics - Format and Pattern

The format for an SOP for Business Analytics should be carefully followed.

1. In the first paragraph, start by talking about yourself, and your chosen area of study at the university, and specifically include all possible reasons/factors for pursuing this course. 

2. Describe the reasons for selecting the current course and your inspirations from the work/achievements of some faculty members. 

3. For your SOP for MS in business analytics, talk about work experience in specific areas. Talk about what you have learned so far and what inspired you to pursue educational opportunities in this field, etc. 

4. Discuss the reasons behind choosing the college/university in brief. Include details about the faculty, track record, rankings, global partnerships, and more. Talk about how you can contribute to the college/university and your complementary skills. 

5. Include some personality traits and talk about your interests. Keep this short and relevant. 

6. Provide as many details as possible about internships, work experience, work positions, leadership experience, skills, etc. 

7. While mentioning the skills, prioritize your career goal determination, attention to detail, research skills, analytical abilities, and learning skills. 

8. Mention your achievements in school and college along with your projects. 

9. Make your style adding your creativity and making it interesting to stand out from the rest. 

10. Always be yourself without exaggerating anything. Talk about both your strengths and weaknesses, emphasizing your desire to learn and improve on the same. Honesty will automatically build more trust. 

11. You should aim for a concise, crisp, and clear writing style. 

12. Do not skip hurdles/obstacles during your professional tenure/internships. Mention how you tackled them. 

13. Watch your word limit, avoid exceeding it. 

14. Do not talk about your financial information or family history. Mention some key achievements without talking about all of them.

Sample SOP for Business Analytics

Here are some samples of SOP for Masters in Business Analytics. Use this as a reference, and write your very own unique SOP by yourself while taking only style inspiration from this sample.


Date: ………………


Canadian High Commission 

New Delhi, India

Statement of purpose

My name is Abhishek Bhandari (DOB: DD/MM/YYYY), a permanent resident of Betahani-03, Suddhodhan, Lumbini, Nepal with passport no: XXXXXXXX. I am a genuine student applying for a student visa to study Bachelor of Science, Major in Analytics, Specialization in Business Analytics at the University of Prince Edward Island. In this statement of purpose, I have vividly explained my details, reasons for choosing Canada, why the proposed the course, the value of the course to my future, and the motivation to return to Nepal.  


I completed my Secondary Education Examination (SEE) from XYZ Secondary School in YYYY A.D by acquiring a 3.75 GPA. Then I did high school at ABC Secondary School and completed it in YYYY with a 3.22 GPA. Since my parents had motivated me to study abroad, I was preparing for the abroad application process right after high school but the covid lockdown forced me to halt the academic plan. When the situation became eased, I took the IELTS test and secured an overall band score of 6.5 (L-7, R-6.5, W-6, S-6). 


One of the influencing quotations by Peter Sondergaard has largely shaped my interest in a business analytics career “Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine”. I was good with mathematics and computer since my school days and it's obvious that people are likely to follow what they excel at, I choose computer science and math major during high school too. When I was in grade 11, I got the chance to read the book “Data Science for Business: What You Need to Know about Data Mining and Data-Analytic Thinking” by Tom Fawcett which made me aware of the importance of analytics in 21st business. The big tech giants like Microsoft and Google are organizing conferences every year to encourage more people to join the big data movement for collecting and mobilizing massive data. In course of my research to weigh the scope of this course, I found that according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of management analysts – including business analysts – is expected to grow by 14% from 2018 to 2028, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. So, from the home country to the international level, there is a growing demand for data experts which put me at the edge of an evolving career in upcoming years and the degree in business analytics can be a milestone for my professional career.

I have a relevant profile to pursue this course because of my academic background in math and computer science as well as my interest in an analytics career. Myself being grown up as a son of a businesswoman mother, she used to motivate me to make a career in business and I was interested in an Analytics job then I found common ground in a business analytics career. As I was good at math, I used to look for scopes to explore good career options and in course of my curiosity, I asked my math teacher “what are the career opportunities in mathematics? After hearing the response from my math teacher regarding its opportunities in an analytics career, I became interested in this domain. I have seen many opportunities for this course in Nepal as my homeland is also adopting a modern business and marketing approach, and there will be huge scope for people with business analytics skills. 

While visiting the university website I found that the offered course is the confluence of statistics, computer science, and mathematics which will enable me to interpret the meaningful pattern of data.  As a student of this course, I will have the opportunity of the UPEI co-op program which is an integrated approach that allows the students to alternate academic terms on campus with work experience in a suitable field. Students accepted into the program complete at least three paid work terms of normally 14 weeks duration, and three professional development courses. Credits earned through completion of work terms are counted as general electives. This type of academic exposure will allow me to assimilate with the working environment and expose the same qualities in the further workplace. The Major in Analytics with a specialization in Business Analytics covers coursework like; Linear Algebra II, Mathematical Reasoning, Combinatorial Optimization, Mathematical Modelling, Data Structures and Algorithms, Marketing, and so on will put me in the competition for growth. After completing the course, I will have the opportunity to work in job roles including; Market Research Analyst, QuantitativeAnalyst, Business Analyst, Consultant/Consulting Analyst, Data scientist, Management analyst, and likes. 


While, considering the contexts like the quality of education, living cost, flexible visa conditions, security for international students, and other rudimentary factors I choose to continue my education in Canada.  I didn’t struggle much to find other academic destinations because many of my friends were already in Canada and I had got good testimony from them about the flexible student life in Canada. Then I came to know about the University of Prince Edward Island from an education consultant. I got a rundown of numerous universities and thought about different factors including quality, of course, educational cost, course length, offices, student surveys, location, and so on before finalizing the University of Prince Edward Island as the most appropriate institution for me. According to an online source, in Maclean's 2019 Guide to Canadian Universities, UPEI was ranked 9th in the publication's category for "primarily undergraduate" Canadian universities. After enrolling in the institution, I will be a part of the community, not simply studying, but living, engaging, debating, and creating an excellent UPEI experience. As per the information mentioned on the university website, they will provide all sorts of, caring faculty and staff; unique programs; student support, and a beautiful setting where I can make lifelong memories. 


While talking about my plan, I will continue my education to a master's from the reputed university of Canada and utilize my post-study work period to get international employment experience. The Business Analytics degree from the University of Prince Edward Island will allow me to pursue a good career in Nepal as I have seen many foreign graduates thriving in the Nepali business environment on base of their foreign degrees. I feel eligible to be counted in the same category as those successful business personalities because I have a clear vision for the next 20 years regarding my career as a business analytics professional. Due to the growing demand for data in every organization, analyst professionals are hired in various sectors ranging from financial analysis, marketing analysis, product cycle management, client service management, human resource management, and so on. 

Studying business analysis will provide me insight to discover business requirements and suggest the efficient implementation of new solutions for the business by considering the record of data analysis. Since, I have the intention to return homeland after completing the proposed course, this knowledge acquired in Canada will be the foundation for my long-term career in Nepal. And I believe that with such skills, I will be an asset to the Nepali job market. Firstly, immediately after getting back from Canada, I can join any reputed business organization in Nepal or multinational company like; Kedia Organization, Unilever, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, TM Dugar Group, Laxmi Group, and many others who will welcome my skills as I have understood the business analytics to use statistics and algorithm to provide support to the business organization for making strategic decisions. This career will put me at the forefront of upper management and policies to help them determine their long-term business plan. With a greater need for analytics professionals, the salary is naturally high and I will have a rewarding career. I will also have the scope to work as an independent consultant or be employed by large organizations, and business analysts to bring highly sought-after expertise to companies of all types and sizes in Nepal. 

During my research, I found that all of these mentioned career scopes are easily available in Nepal and my plans are also centered on my homeland so I need to get back soon as possible after completing the course. I have no intention to settle abroad because of the responsibilities back home to look after my parents, parental property, and other duties in my homeland. The emotional attachment to my home country, family, and parents will also motivate me to return. So, I have no reasons to prolong my stay abroad land and I am a genuine temporary entrant to Canada with strong returning motivation. 


Lastly, I would like to request the respected visa officer that, my sponsors are aware of my tuition fees, living cost, travel expenses, and other additional expenses, and are ready to fully sponsor me for the entire duration of my studies in Canada.  The verified document of my financial arrangement and sponsorship is attached along with the application. Thank you for finding time to go through my statement of purpose. I heartily confirm that all the above-mentioned information is the conscious explanation of my profile and career details. Finishing it with great hope, I’m looking to the response of a respected visa officer soon as possible. 


Applicant Full Name 


Phone: +977 XXXXXXXXXX


While I have previously worked in divisions like corporate development and client management and hold a Master’s degree in business administration, it was my IT-oriented graduation that supported my progress every step of the way. Methods of critical thinking that were created over four years during graduation have helped in enabling my swift progress in the academic and career pursuits that I have chosen for myself. Analytical abilities and quick decision-making have helped me carve out a space for myself in critical analysis methodology. It has given me an edge in the field while also highlighting that it is the evaluation of varying criteria and discovering the best method of marketing that matters the most. Serving across various regions like the US and South-East Asia made me realize that this aspect is applicable globally and not just in one region. This is driving my decision to pursue my Master’s in Research and Analytics course at (XYZ) University.

I wish to shift to a strategist’s role. I believe that for using my skills effectively and landing a position in the top management of any global entity, I will have to gather suitable market analytics knowledge. My schooling, higher education, and work experience have exposed me to diverse prospects, processes, and tools. I must now learn the same myself to reach the zenith of my field of work. This is why I decided to return to academia. My exposure to varying global clients has helped me appreciate and analyze my capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Similarly, I have also come to view market analytics as the foundation of the future progress of every global business.

I envision my place within this same stratum of decision-makers who determine business strategies worldwide. I plan to supplement my knowledge of the world economy with a more complex methodology in market analytics. This will give me an advantage over the competition. The curriculum lends me a robust backing enabling a better review of my previous academics. The interactions with a varied set of scholars, guides, and professors will help me learn business analytics while experiencing the same first-hand. 

I believe that market analytics will witness growth in the number of aspirants from several fields and professions. This will enable a broader expertise spectrum and higher interest in studying analytics as a pure science subject. They can also share their wealth of experiences in this sector. With a greater variety and a diverse outlook, the industry will welcome seasoned and capable professionals to find out how to run businesses in rapidly evolving situations. At the time of this paradigm shift in the industry, I wish to be ready to face this challenge.


While I have worked in client management and corporate development and am a Master’s degree in business administration in marketing, in every move I have found my graduation in IT is coming out to support my progress on the professional front. The critical thinking method developed over four years during my graduation has been instrumental in my progress not only in my academic pursuit but also in the career direction that I have chosen for myself. More than that the methodology of critical analysis, analytical analysis, and decision-making have ensured that I build a space for myself. It certainly gave me an edge and also brought to light that what counts in a company is not how well you can market it, but rather how well you evaluate the different criteria and find a way to sell it. Serving in multi-dimensional geographies such as that of South East Asia and the Americas, I have also come to realize that it is not a domestic problem but rather a global determinant and hence my decision to pursue a Master’s degree in Research and Analytics at XXX University.

Going forward from now on, I want to move on to the role of a Strategist, and I believe that in order to be able to use my skills efficiently and find a place in the top management of a global leader, I need to apply an appropriate knowledge of market analytics to my preparation. My schooling and practice have so far exposed me to different possibilities, tools, and processes, but in order to be at the top of my work, I must learn the same and, hence, my decision to revisit the academy and further improve my skill set. My graduation and postgraduate study, accompanied by comprehensive professional exposure to a multitude of clients, helped me assess and appreciate my own capabilities. In the same way, I have come to recognize market analytics as the bedrock of progress for every business and move forward and I imagine myself having a place within the same domain of decision-makers who decide the tide of business across the globe. In order to do the same, I must now apply to my simple knowledge the perception of the global economy, and the different influencers and also further embellish my intelligence with a finer, more complex methodology in market analytics in order to obtain an advantage on the others. And against all these goals, the curriculum gives me a robust forum that will help me review my prior years of studying, teach me winning strategies, and help me build a strategic market outlook. Interacting with a varied set, I would not only learn about business analytics, but I would also have the chance to experience it live and be ready for my career goals.

From here on, I feel that Market Analytics will see a marked increase in practitioners from all walks of life, with a wide spectrum of expertise studying the pure science of analytics and relating their respective experiences in the field. With more variety and a broader outlook, the industry will invite seasoned seasoned professionals to look at how they do business in a changing scenario. And when it happens, I’d like to be up for the challenge.


By pursuing graduate studies in business analytics, I wish to explore the dynamic field of big data analytics, predictive analytics, and machine learning in-depth to create stories from an intricate mosaic of data.

I got introduced to the domain of data analysis in the pre-final year of my undergraduate degree, during my tenure as a member of the college BAJA SAE team, where we fabricated an all-terrain vehicle from scratch. As the lead in Transmission Design and Costing, I had to correlate and analyze the performance metrics as well as the cost of various parts to be used in building the vehicle with high precision to help the team in building a cost-effective and efficient machine. The huge variations in results due to minute changes in even a single metric and the immense impact of decisions on the success of the project provided a challenging experience for me and at the same time gave me a glimpse at the huge scope of analytics.

Post completion of my undergraduate degree, I decided to pursue a career in analytics and got an opportunity to work as a Business Operations Associate at ZS, a leading sales, and marketing consulting firm. Currently, in ZS, I work in a team of 8 members for a pharmaceutical giant in the United States, performing sales crediting, quota setting, reporting, and sales analytics as per the client's requirements.

My work on the sales crediting front requires me to transform third-party provided unstructured data into a client-specific format with the help of data management tools such as SAS and MS Access. To drive the performance of the client’s diverse portfolio of business units, our team designs unique incentive plans catering to their specific requirements, taking into consideration different aspects of the client’s performance in the highly competitive pharmaceutical market of the United States, a few being the historical sales trend, market potential, sales forecast for the forward-looking months and others as a part of quota setting process.

Apart from these, I have also effectively generated an array of interactive reports with the help of Excel VBA which showcases clients’ sales performance and at the same time provides them with befitting trends and insights that help them in their consequent business decisions.

As a recognition of my efforts, I was awarded the Making My Impact award and was subsequently selected as an OpEx Champion from a pool of 300 plus candidates across the New Delhi and Pune offices of ZS in India. My work at ZS not only made me realize the importance of analytics in finding solutions to complex business problems but also gave me the experience of formulating effective strategies to address the same.

I have realized that my current work experience is not enough to satiate my thirst for knowledge and pursuing a graduate degree will not only quench the thirst but will also help me understand much more granular details of the same.

In my quest for a graduate program that will provide me with a steep learning curve and also fulfill my short-term goal of combining the best academic tools available with a practical approach and acquiring the necessary skill sets required to accomplish my long-term goal of being an analytics specialist, I found the XXXX program at the University of XXXX to be an ideal choice.

I also look forward to working under Prof. XXXX whose work on XXXX aligns with my interests. I am confident that with my engineering background, statistical research projects, and consulting work experience, I will not only contribute to the diversity of the class but will also bring forth original and effective ideas in the various discussions held within the due duration of the course and sincerely hope that you will share my confidence and grant me the opportunity to continue further studies in your esteemed institution.


Though I have been working in client management and business development and am a Master’s in business administration in marketing, at all steps I have found my graduation in IT come out to assist my success on the professional front. The analytical thought process, cultivated over four years during my graduation has been instrumental in my success not merely in my academic pursuit following that, but also in the professional career path I have chosen for myself. It has definitely given me an edge and also brought to light that in business, what matters is not how well you can sell it, but rather, how well you analyze the various parameters and find a way to sell it.

Working in multi-dimensional geographies like that of South East Asia and the Americas, I have come to also understand that it is not a domestic phenomenon but rather a global determinant and hence my decision to pursue a Masters's in Science and Analytics at ABC University. Moving forth from now, I wish to transition into the role of a Strategist and I believe that to be able to effectively utilize my skills and find a position in the top management of a leading multi-national, I must further incorporate into my training the effective understanding of business analytics. My education and experience have so far introduced me to the various possibilities, tools, and methods but to be at the top job, I must master the same and hence, my decision for revisiting academia and embellishing my skill set further.

My graduation and post-graduation followed by extensive career exposure with a multitude of clients have helped me assess and understand my strengths. Throughout the same, I have come to appreciate business analytics as the backbone of success for any business and moving forth, I envision myself finding a position within the same sphere of decision-makers who determine the tide of businesses across the globe. To achieve the same, I must now add to my foundational knowledge the understanding of a global economy, and the various influencers and also further embellish my intellect with the finer more complex techniques of business analytics to gain the edge over the others. And to all these aspirations, the program offers me a comprehensive platform that would help me review my learning of the years gone by, teach me the winning techniques, and also help me develop a holistic perspective of businesses. Interacting with a diverse set, I would not merely learn about business analytics but also get the opportunity to practice it in a live scenario and be ready for my career goals.

Ahead from here, I feel Business Analytics would see a marked rise in professionals from every stream, with a variety of experience delving into the pure science of analytics and relating their respective experiences in the sector. With more diversity and a wider perspective, the sector would invite tenured and seasoned professionals to look at the way they conduct businesses in the changing scenario.  And when that happens, I wish to be ready for the challenge.

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