How to write SOP for Computer Systems Engineering Technician?

How to write SOP for Computer Systems Engineering Technician?

If you plan to study abroad, knowing how to write an SOP is a very important step. A statement of Purpose (SOP) is the most important document, showcasing your qualifications, academic & professional experience, achievements, interests, future goals, and influences. You must follow some useful tips to write a good SOP for a computer system engineering technician. SOPs are integral components of the application, including letters of recommendation (LORs), resumes, and transcripts. They may often influence the acceptance or rejection of candidates at universities. Here’s a closer look at the desired SOP format and a helpful sample.

The format for an SOP for Computer System Engineering Technicians should be carefully followed.

  1. Clearly discuss your passion for your Computer System Engineering Technician course.

  2. Mention your research and reasons behind selecting the desired course linked with the country and the university.

  3. Mention the programming languages that you have learned during your previous course or training you have taken. Also, include the projects, research papers, and experience.

  4. Clearly discuss your future career plans and how your degree will be beneficial in achieving your goals.

  5. Mention your goals by linking them with your home country.

Sample SOP for Computer System Engineering Technician


Here are some samples of SOP for Computer System Engineering Technicians. Use this as a reference, and write your unique SOP by yourself while taking only style inspiration from this sample.


Date: April 28, 2022

The Visa Officer,

Canadian High Commission

New Delhi, India


“Sometimes, when my internet is down, I forget the rest of my computer still works.” Some people might dismiss this statement as a joke, but if we think carefully, the statement is true. It is almost unthinkable to have PCs today with no connectivity to other devices or the Internet, and this massive and fascinating field is only growing and evolving daily. My first real introduction to computer networking was in the tenth year when the topic "Computer Networking" was part of the program. From the first moment I learned about networking, I was completely blown away. The topics are intuitive and easy to understand, but their use and implementation are everywhere. From the LAN ports installed in every student room to the default gateway that connects us to the Internet, the marvel of modern technology has determined me to pursue this topic. Moreover, I was inspired by my brother to choose this field. From my childhood, I was close to him and got to learn many things about computers. He used to solve programming and played a great role in creating applications, which amazed me. Also, my father and mother were proud of my brother for creating such applications. Therefore, to deepen my understanding of the practicality of computer networking, I have chosen computer science as a specialization at my higher level of study. While many of these topics are familiar to me through my 9th-grade networking studies, the real difference is hands-on experience and familiarity with various networking equipment with network devices such as switches, routers, and wireless modems/access points. I have been involved in many seminars and networking events at school and decided to enroll in an undergraduate program in Computer Networking. In this field of Computer Networks, I wish to pursue my diploma studies in Canada.

I, XYZ resident of X, Kavrepalanchok, was born on DOB. I started schooling at ABC Boarding School and completed S.E.E in Year with an X GPA. Afterward, I joined XYZ and accomplished my +2 science with a Y GPA. Since English is not my first language, I have been given International English Language Testing System (IELTS) to prove my English proficiency. I successfully scored an overall band of 6.5 which I scored 7.5 in listening, 6 in reading, 6 in writing, and 6 in speaking.

I come from a small and financially sound family background. During my stay in Canada, my family members will bear all the expenses related to my study and other required expenses. The annual income of my family members accumulates to NPR 29,85, 873.45 annually. In addition, my father has maintained a bank balance of NPR 60,00,018 in his saving account at Bank Name., one of Nepal's biggest ‘A’ class commercial banks, which will be utilized for all the relevant expenses during my stay in Canada.

I chose to complete my specialization in Canada for the following reasons: it is a fact that Canada has the best research results and the best technology in the world. I want to increase my knowledge and also want global exposure and interaction with people of different ethnicities, which we get in Canada, which is undoubtedly unique. Best of all, the Canadian education system has great flexibility and freedom of choice. In addition, living costs such as housing, transportation, and tuition fees are lower than in other countries such as the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and Australia. When it comes to international student accommodation, there are so many options to choose from; whether it's living on campus or in a private residence, there's no problem finding accommodation that suits international students like me. Moreover, Canada is also widely considered one of the safest places to live. We can also generate some pocket money per week during the school semester and up to 30 hours per week during the school holidays. Also, Canada welcomes immigrants and international students from nearly 200 different countries, which is fascinating.

I applied for a computer system engineering technician at the Georgian College, Barrie, to pursue this goal. Through the Georgian college's official website, I found experienced faculty engaged in extensive research in network systems, which I would consider a privilege to study and which strengthened my determination to study at this college. In addition, the institution prides itself on having world-class infrastructure, friendly and spacious facilities, and a modern curriculum. Georgian offers the best atmosphere for students eager to develop skills and become legitimate professionals. I can also learn from my research that 6,200 employers partner with Georgian to offer students work experience. Georgian is the first college in Ontario with a program accredited by Cooperative Education and Work Integrated Learning Canada; this is the highest standard of success for a cooperative program in Canada. Cooperative employment requirements may lead to a full-time position upon graduation. Students can be their bosses and start a business as part of the Georgian eCoop (entrepreneurial cooperative) program. Georgian has maintained a high graduate employment rate for more than a decade. According to key performance indicators for 2019-20, 90.2% of Georgian graduates found employment within six months, well above the provincial average. And also, this college provides financial scholarships, awards, and bursaries to help students with education costs. 

The other good part of this college is its fee structure for a year is only CAD 16,945.30, which is cheaper compared to the colleges in the USA (13,500-39,500 USD) and in Australia ($14,400-$37,000). On the other hand, the education system of Georgian College is excellent, and it looks great on a CV as well to impress employers. All these factors made me choose Georgian College for my undergraduate degree.

After completing my higher studies in Canada, I will return to my home country, Nepal, and find the right job opportunity here. In Nepal, there is a great scope of employment after having an International Degree. As it is a developing country, I would like to take a step towards making it a developed one, I cannot change it, but I sure can take a step in the sector I am familiar with. This is the world of technology, so a career in computer networking is very lucrative. Nepal is no exception and has a good reach in computing. With the birth of various IT, software development, and telecommunications companies, abundant IT human resources are needed, thus opening up more job opportunities. Even non-IT-related offices need networking professionals in some ways, so there are many future prospects for computer students in Nepal. The demand for networking professionals is very high in the market these days. These opportunities allow me to pursue my career in renowned IT companies like Deerwalk Inc, SoftNEP, and Cotiviti Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Moreover, if I get a chance, I will work as a Network Administrator in government agencies to oversee local area networks, wide area networks, network segments, and other data communication systems as needed, where I will get a minimum of NPR 40,000 salary per month initially. However, after some years of experience, the salary will be increased to a maximum of NPR 1,00,000 monthly. Not only this, as per the social and cultural responsibility here in Nepal, being the youngest member of the family, I have to look after my family members when they are unable to stand on their own, which is also one of the reasons to return to Nepal. Another reason is, as I have mentioned above, I come from a financially strong family background; I, along with my brother, need to take care of all our parental properties here in Nepal.

I look forward to starting a new chapter of my life by studying in Canada. I assure you that I will not go against the rule and regulations of the education providers and the government of Canada and will abide by all the visa conditions of Canada. Finally, I hope you would be kind enough to grant me an opportunity to fulfill my dream and establish myself in society. 

Thank you

Respectfully Submitted,


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