Sample Payslip Template for Employees

Sample Payslip Template for Employees

Sample Payslip for Employees


Here are some samples of payslips or salary slips. Use this as a reference, and ask your company to take a style reference from this sample and write it for you.



Contents to include in Payslip


  1. Personal Information

  2. Payroll number

  3. Tax period

  4. Tax code

  5. Gross pay

  6. Net pay

  7. Year to Date

  8. Expenses

  9. Pensions

  10. Workplace benefits


Main Section of Payslipper


The header section contains the details, including the title, company name, and company address.


Employee / Payslip info

It contains employee details and payslip details.


Salary Content

Earnings examples:

  • Basic Salary: Basic salary is the amount agreed by the employer and employee for a particular month. It includes the amount an employee receives before any additional payments are added or deducted. It has dividends, benefits, overtime pay, or any other potential reward from an employer.

  • Bonus: A bonus is the sum added to a person’s wage to reward outstanding performance for a particular month.

  • Overtime: When an employee works more than the agreed hours, this is known as overtime. It can include tasks beyond their regular working hours and the agreed-upon time frame.

  • HRA: HRA stands for House Rent Allowance. It is a type of compensation component employers give workers to cover the cost of renting a property for residential reasons.

  • LTA: LTA stands for Leave Travel Allowance. It is one of the most effective tax-saving measures available to benefit Employees. It is a tax break provided by a company to its workers. LTA refers to an employee’s allowance while traveling alone or with family.

  • Insurance: An insurance policy is a method of protecting yourself against financial loss. It is a kind of risk management that is mainly used to protect against the possibility of a future or unknown loss.


Deduction examples:

  • EPF: EPF stands for Employee Provident Fund. It is a retirement savings plan into which company workers make monthly contributions equal to a modest percentage of their bais salary. Similarly, as explained above, the employer equally contributes to the plan on their employees’ behalf.

  • Income Tax: Individual and company income is subject to income tax, a tax imposed by governments on the revenue produced by companies and people within their jurisdiction.

  • Superannuation / Pension: Superannuation is a mandatory system where a person’s employer contributes money to a super fund on their behalf to be financially supported after they leave the job.



Footer sections have:

Net Pay amount in words

Employer Signature and Employee Signature

Footer Text








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