The world occupied by virtual space COVID-19

The world occupied by virtual space COVID-19

Can one-dimensional experience last a lifetime? Would it actually be a replacement for an unexpected experience that can force us to self-analysis and look inwards?

Virtual space becomes a more powerful tool to taste the various flavors of life. It considers more powerful tools to encounter productivity and empower to become self-sufficient to enhance the possibility of the physical world under the form of lockdown, virtual space becomes one and only things to stay connected, informed and participate.

Can we able to experience similar level of closeness and social connection in virtual space as we do in real world/life?  No, this pandemic made us to find new way to connect help us better without feeling totally disengaged. Additionally, while occurrences of unfavorable stress effects exist, on an individual level, in difficult occasions, quarantine during COVID-19, social media is helping in making–adapting a mutual experience for the individuals who approach it. Moving courser in the new reality is very definition of what represent the reality which may be undergoing change to make older reality fade away.

This pandemic leads the way by fear in many that physical world is not safe anymore and virtual world is more worth it to holding on to. This virtual space creates meaning in our lives. It gave us poet, writer, artist and many more, who drew all their curiosity and creativity or originality from the sensory world. It is the something that COVID-19 able to do.

Thanks to the pandemic, discovering ways to virtually spend time with family friends and makes connections stronger. Incase video calls and virtual cheerful hours can only go so far. No one wants to live out their entire social lives.

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