What Is Signal and Why Are People Leaving WhatsApp?

What Is Signal and Why Are People Leaving WhatsApp?

Signal appeared as one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp recently, with WhatsApp's updated privacy policy causing outrage on the Internet. Many people announced switching to Signal and deleting their WhatsApp.


What exactly is Signal?

Signal is a cross-platform encrypted app that allows sending messages and makes video calls via the internet. Its main focus is on privacy. The app supports both group chats and group video calls.


Signal app download

The Signal app is available on all platforms Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux, although you can only sign up via Android or iPhone. You can download Signal via this link.


Signal vs Telegram vs WhatsApp

The biggest advantage of Signal over other apps is its focus on privacy. It encrypts texts, calls, group calls, and even gif searches.


While Signal works perfectly well as a messaging app, its chat backup and restore mechanism isn't the most consumer-friendly. Signal is perfect as a messaging app, but the chat backup and restores procedure isn’t the most user-friendly.


Is Signal app really safe?

Signal is one of the most secure messaging apps which is an event recommended by the famous whistleblower Edward Snowden and CEO like Elon Musk. Its end-to-end encryption is so trusted and reliable that even WhatsApp adopted all its features. It is open-source, and its code is peer-reviewed, which means that its privacy and security are regularly checked by experts, also it will be extremely difficult for others to spy on your conversations. Additional security features like biometric authentication, requiring a second password, OTP verification, etc. can also be enabled from enhanced security.


Is Signal better than WhatsApp?

In terms of privacy features, Signal is better than WhatsApp. But, if you prioritize app features, then WhatsApp is ahead.


Why should I use Signal?

If you care to worry about being spied on, and your privacy then you can use Signal. The primary goal of Signal is to secure all communications to other Signal users with end-to-end encryption. You can use the app and communicate without worrying about being spied on. Signal is the best possible alternative where the company’s business motive doesn’t clash with your privacy.

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